Thursday, April 19, 2012


I think i have a case of athazagoraphobia... its possible that i don't but time tells me i do. something about not being in school has left me feeling forgotten. I can't stay that i feel replaced just forgotten. As i sit at a cafe i wonder whether or not my professors even will recognize that im an engineering student especially since the normal person would presume me to be a design kid. I also have this strange longing to be in school right now to actually for once work on a problem that was a real solution unlike the crazy problems i have at work. For instance did you know that no one knows exactly what a wax is. Waxes are just some long chain lipids. that's only what the brightest people understand. i used to think that i wasn't cut out for engineering like in the real world i would just fail. found that not to be the case yet at the same time i yearn for something more. something more meaningful then just mass balances and free fatty acid extractions. It scares me to think that college is nearly at a close. a close to 4 years that were suppose to direct me for in mind at least the next 15 years. somehow though im more confused guess i should have been a veterinarian.. 

on another note. this time away from school has really given me time to invest in some people and also enjoy the day to day a little more. all the same im ready for summer and for people to get out of ames and enjoy one last ames summer..probably the last ever. 

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