Tuesday, September 7, 2010

climbing out of the valley

Today is one of those days. one of those days where everything just seems to fly by while i myself seem to be a haze or a motionless and thoughtless. It seems like everything is progressing while i just sit and watch.
I've lost the way to access joy or at least i've lost the motivation to access joy. It appears that maybe i need to break from life thus i decided to write this blog in hopes of forcing myself to process so as to find that which has been lost. There are many reasons why i feel this numbness. I think it could be the fact that im going off a long weekend full of many glorious things and people and now have to face school yet again. Or maybe its the fact that im drained after doing lots of organic chemistry. I think the true reason is that im letting go. I think this is what is feels like at the very bottom of a deep valley. My valley is from deciding to leave all my expectations at the foot of the cross yet again in my life. But heres the thing about a valley...a valley is really only beautiful from above or at least you can't appreciate it nearly as much unless you see if from afar. So as i leave what expectations i have i need to climb out of with the help of God and the Holy Spirit relying on what promises are true and only holding tightly to those. So here marks yet another day where the uphill battle commences.  


  1. I'm praying for you Kara! I'll be here to help you climb out of the valley.

  2. This is a beautiful depiction of your honesty. Love you.