Monday, January 16, 2012

A dirty cup

You are a cup. A cup that can be filled but only if you decide so. The analogy is that a human heart. Our desire to be filled with the water of life. The water that only comes from Christ. So often I feel like an empty dirty cup. Like recently...... The only thing that truly prevents Christ from filling our cup is sin in one of its many forms. Why is revival not here? it's because we live our lives as dirty cups and who wants to be a dirty empty cup? It is our refusal to die to self that makes us miserable. It is self that is envious, irritable, resentful, critical, worried, shy, unyielding, rude, self-conscious, reserved, and fearful. You might question whether being self-conscious, reserved and fearful are sins. Instead, you might believe them to be a part of life, a weakness or disability that even God makes us feel. If we don't regard them as sin then in fact they are something we will live with the rest of our lives with no hope for deliverance which seems contrary to what God wants. We need to ask for healing of these things in order to move on past ourselves and be purified by God. Imagine what our lives would look like if we were completely delivered from these things? These sins contribute to a source of unbelief. They hide our true identities. The identity that we are children of God. Christ doesn't fill cups of self-energy or self-conplacency. He doesn't fill self-seeking, self-indulgenant cups. What is comes down to is that we must learn to keep our cups clean. Cleaning does require anything more that a heart that yielded to God. With this Christ will continue to fill our cup to the point of it running over. And then peace of God will "rule in our hearts" (Colossians 3:15) So we must live our lives in brokenness. By brokenness or rather selflessness our lives can be purified daily and our heart can be clean so that God can truly do marvelous works in us.  I'm a dirty cup with a desire to be clean but as I learn to be broken my color starts to shine through. God teach me to be broken daily so that your glory and power are evident in my life. 

"Just as water ever seeks and fills the lowest place, so that moment God finds you abased and empty His glory and power flow in" -Andrew Murray 

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