Friday, October 2, 2009

Have you ever felt like you are just running in circles? sometimes i feel like everything is just so pointless. Like why should i bother going to organic chemistry when all im going to do is listen to some old guy ramble about mechanisms and synthesis or why should i try so hard to desperately do well in my classes. Where does all the motivation to get up each day and continue come from? it seems like all im ever actually doing to going back to where i started, running in circles. Then it's in the mere second of reflection that i see my purpose. Although each day starts out very much the same and each day holds many of the same routines, each second is another second to grow in, learn about, and love the Lord. Each organic
chemistry class is a look at He the marvelous creator. An orchid, for instance, has the ability to produce a olefin that attracts bumble bees which thus pollinate the orchids. Or another class, i learned about flow rates of reactor systems. What's the big deal you ask? well if you like the taste and smell of your fruity pebbles in the morning you will wise up. Without knowledge in this area you wouldn't have your fruity pebbles or your coco puffs. Thank you person with knowledge of reactor systems and flow analysis. You see each day although i step into practically the same rooms on campus and my teachers are wearing one of what seems like 3 shirts they own, i can appreciate that even the ordinary can be extraordinary. The fact that i've been given the capacity to think and learn is extraordinary. The fact that i can feel rain or the wind. The fact that i can talk and sing. The fact that i can see the beauty all around me. the shining sun and blue sky. my goldfish or my morphing tadpole. ALL of These Are EXTRAORDINARY.

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