Thursday, December 24, 2009


its the holiday season which brings me to the point where i consider all the many things that i have been blessed with such as the new mac book pro i am currently using and my nice pillow top queen bed that i am also sitting on. I have been blessed so greatly yet i don't live a life completely full of sacrifice like christ did so i deserve none of this. Each year we celebrate christmas as the day that our Lord Jesus Christ was born and i am reminded of the life that he lead and the ultimate sacrifice he was. Jesus died for me so that i may live and also enjoy living. This is not a mere statement but so much more. It is this very truth that gives me purpose in my life. My purpose is to live a life that glorifies him and God. What better way to do this then living a life of self-sacrfice. How does one lead a life of self-sacrifice is a tricky question to answer. although simple ( you just give up everything to God) it's the greatest feat and task of our lives. Being broke i find my greatest mode of self-sacrifice is giving up my time and using it to glorify God by investing in other people and also by doing the hard and painful things in life. There are still many things to learn but God will provide everything i need when i do lay everything at his feet.

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