Monday, January 4, 2010

Idols and my holy ambition

I'm so sick of being distracted. Being distracted by this world and the things it tells me that i must desire and work towards. Yes a great deal of these distractions are satisfying for the time being but looking back ever once and a while i see that they have not only been pointless but they have actually made me hate a great deal of who i am. I want one thing and that is to discover my holy ambition and by this i mean the path of which God has for me and the confidence in this path. I have no idea if the path that currently comes to mind is even half right but i do know that my ears are listening and my eyes are open and most importantly my mind is clear and ready for God to show me what my ambition should be. Im so tired of falling away. the Truth of the matter is that ive been distracted by school, my relationships, and my own goals. Sometimes there is too much sacrifice and then other times I'm selfish in these areas of my life. Today is the day to change this. The direction that i go is to let God have complete control of my life and to do everything for his glory. Its time to aspire to be a christian hedonist that i believe will bring me the truest kind of joy possible. I have to commit to this so that i can become the woman of God i must be. I cast all of my idols away knowing that it is the only way to succeed and to love God the way i want. Only when i do this can i find my holy ambition...

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