Friday, February 5, 2010

A deeper side of me

I was recently just thinking about who i am , how i portray myself , how i want to be viewed.
So i half crazy and half the most serious person you will ever know. seems illogical but anyone who truly knows me would agree. so i have a light switch one that i can turn on and off.

Here's how a day goes in my life ( a typical monday) :

wake up, shower(or not), get dressed, go out the door to class.

Show up at my 9 am class and listen to thermod
ynamics and math garbage and stare at the people who are falling asleep and also the kid that looks exactly like my professor( see right ) and has the same mannerisms as my professor. I think it may be his son or nephew, it's just that creepy. by this time i've most likely had coffee and my hands are now shaking and will until I eat lunch.

I then head to the molecular biology building and the hear about ATP, membranes, photosynthesis, enzymes and things like glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation(see photo) yep that's right sounds
exciting unfortunately it's really not. I often look around at the 100 freshman or more that are in the class with me and wonder. why am i here? But then i remember that i like biology to some extent and that it should be easy A if i try.

Next i enter durham and then go to Chemical engineering 356. The class of true champions. well my teac
her is something to be "desired". his n's look like s's and it once took me a whole minute to decipher the word "inertial". I usually spend the majority of the time listening to him while still managing to work on the daily crossword puzzle. Safe to say that the crossword is
more interesting and i has probably taught me more useful knowledge then the class itself. All the same i still enjoy the class because i mean who doesn't love the alluring of learning about pipe flow and fluid mechanics. The text book is from a quarter century ago and has a poop brown cover. it's pretty cool.

SO LUNCH udcc style most days. we eat. we laugh. we commune together.

Differential equations to follow lunch is sometimes the highlight of the day. i think my
teacher is a spy. She has all that's required of a
spy. she is from china. she likes math. she is sometimes really feisty. i mean seriously look at this picture --->
All the same, i enjoy her. she says the most ridiculous things, things that only someone who is asian would say. Also there is this girl in my class that i routinely get a kick out of. whenever we pass the attendance sheet to the front of the class and it get's to her all she needs to do is tap the person in front of her and pass it. instead of just passing it up, she gets super self conscious and makes this funny face and places it on the desk next to her and then carries it up to jun pan (my professor) after class. i don't know why this is so amusing but it is.

The final class of the day is physics but i really don't care about talking about it. it's depressing to say the least and not the highlight of my week.

AHH the feeling of going home. what a joyous feeling to head back to my dorm. this is where the true fun occurs like making a mario cart video in my hallway, looking at my fish
(mike f livingston), writing in my vade and drinking tea, embracing my natural born unicorn character. Anything and Everything.

SO that is the life of me in a single monday. so normal yet so amazing. I have that switch that every person should have. i know how to have fun but im still a hard worker and very good at managing my time. you should be glad to know me. i can carry an intelligent conversation yet im a blast to be around, just ask my roommate steffi.

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  1. "half crazy and half the most serious person you will ever know" know what you mean, that is me to a T. =) Some interesting stuff here! kai pai!keep up thee good work