Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A New Passion- the Crossword puzzle

I have always admired my grandmother for her crossword puzzle solving skills and this semester in particular i have taken it upon myself to become a master of the art of solving them. Lucky for me that i have a crossword at my ready each day due to the iowa state daily newspaper. i find that except for the opinion articles it is often the only interesting part of the paper. i'm quite certain that a substantial amount of students only pick it up for the crossword or the sudoku. Anyways, since doing the crosswords i have learned various things that i thought i would share with you.
#1 an aster is a fall flower
#2 Hop along cassidy is a cowboy
#3 Shahs are persian rulers
#4 Eos is the dawn goddess
#5 Another word for hankerings is yens
#6 a galoot is a clumsy or oafish person
#7 A dashiki is a loose african garment
I find that sometimes the crossword is just the challenge i need and also that its more entertaining than many of the monotone professors. So during your next class, put down our phone and instead pull out the crossword puzzle, you will learn a lot and also find a great deal of entertainment. Best wishes!

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