Monday, February 22, 2010

Breath of Air

Umm God is good. This week i just have been reminded so much of the Love that He shows towards me. The feelings of hopelessness have subsided and a much needed break from all things engineering occurred this weekend. I know that doubting your major is not an uncommon occurrence yet i still urks me. But after talking it out it has become clear to me that chemical engineering can bring me to the end that i desire. i can do what I've always seen myself doing helping people and serving them and showing them God's love. so ya i want to be an internal medicine doctor or develop pharmaceutical drugs, and i can. even if i don't God will provide me with something even more lovely. And on the other realm God has just reminded me of the fact that he see's me more righteous than i even see myself and that he will ALWAYS have my best interests at heart. I feel so satisfied in Him. I've finally had an opportunity to breathe so that i could re-center. God's love is so immense and beautiful.

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