Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Ahh Summer. what is sometimes the best time of year.
Ahh summer school. what is sometimes associated with the most painful experience in life short of child birth, having an incurable disease, or being run over by a car.

Surprisingly, summer school hasn't been too unbearable. Although, each day starts bright in early at 7:30 which is unheard of in summer, it does have it upsides. For one it gives you a chance to drink lots of coffee without being unable to sleep when bedtime rolls around. It also caters very nicely to getting a lot accomplished in a single day. I feel more motivated to work out, actually study, or even just do fun things like cook. I have also never had a such a refreshing class as Religion in America. Although the teacher is less than desirable and frankly i think she would scare little children on the street, she does often make me laugh. True half the time, i'm somewhat frustrated due to the the way she portrays Christianity, i still have to admit the class has not been a waste of time. Such an easy class also provides ample time to do fun activities. now what to do today.... paint... bake... read... or even nap.

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