Friday, December 10, 2010

FINALLY Back from a short or long spell of winter depression

That's right.. it's called winter depression well at least something like that. maybe perhaps it is just called chemical engineering school depression. All the same i am nearing recovery and by this time next week i can officially take that much needed break from all things school. Then i will be beginning a new chapter so to speak.... it's name is SINGAPORE. I'm sure there will be much to be said about all things singapore but i will save all these moments till the proper time so as to not get ahead of myself. With that it seems only appropriate to reminisce about the last couple months or however long it has been since i have written last.

The semester has flown by yet some really exciting things happened. for one the smells sounds and joys of what can only come from iowa state football season.

I finally reached that age. the age of true adulthood. turning 21 is a milestone. Although i would still prefer a cup of coffee to a beer or a glass of wine, it still feels good to be 21. 
I love my connection group and am very sad that i will be leaving them for a short while. We make tie dye look classy. we are a pretty large group but everyone of the girls has a beautiful heart and im so proud of each of them and glad that i have been given the chance to lead them and see them grow in to beautiful woman rooted in God's word. 

Finally there is my lovely roommates. yep pretty much love them all. I'm going to miss them while in gone but praise God for skype and video messages via facebook. the laughs and the craziness will be missed 
So although on average the last semester hasn't been too eventful im sure of one thing, God continues to work in me and the people around me. He loves all of us and as it says in 1 John he calls us his children. That is what we are! 

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