Thursday, December 30, 2010

Five Months worth only goes about 50 lbs

I'm ready. Ready to hit the road or the air is more appropriate. My body is ready too minus the fact that i'm paler than pale. It's nearly nine pm and already i'm sleepy. I'm going to blame it on the fact that my stupid body has been waking up a hour earlier with each progressing day. Today is was 7 am and i''m guessing tomorrow will with 6. I guess i should look at it as a good thing seeing as a week from now i will be in my new home for 5 months in Singapore. Singapore is about 14 hours ahead of time compared to iowa. I guess it might benefit me to wake up a little earlier in that case. The real problem ahead is narrowing down the amount of clothing that i wish to take while still bringing some other needed supplies. All this packing and planning is really starting to wear me out. Blame it on Singapore that it's only 9 pm and i'm going to bed.

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