Saturday, February 5, 2011

Being taught Unbelief

Isaac Newton once said if reference to the Universe that
 "This most beautiful system could only proceed from the domination of an intelligent and powerful being." For me this seems both appropriate and precise evaluation but for many this idea is unspeakable. To say that there is a God is to say that you believe in something or in this case someone. Today i meant a chinese girl whose english name is Quincy. It was her that told me a story of isaac newton and his belief in a creator. She identified with Newton perhaps due to the respect that she had for his scientific mind. In China, she has been taught unbelief. To never believe in anything but science and that science alone can explain the smallest and most intricate organism and its origin or at least that one day science will. It was through her that i saw something else... a desire to believe. It seems as though many people are unsatisfied with no belief at all yet many will not take the task to go searching. For many a few unanswered questions seems to be better than what could turn into a hunt for truth that might be accompanied with even more questions. I wish they taught would it means to believe... all they can believe must have proof and this really isn't belief at all.

How could their be no creator......if this is true..

"More than thirty separate parameters require precise calibration to produce a life-
sustaining planet."- Robert Collins, physicist philosopher

“If we nudge one of these constants just a few percent in one direction, stars burn out within a million years of their formation, and there is no time for evolution. If we nudge it a few percent in the other direction, then no elements heavier than helium form. No carbon, no life. Not even any chemistry. No complexity at all.” - Dr. David D. Deutsch, Institute of Mathematics, Oxford University

“If the universe had not been made with the most exacting precision we could never have come into existence.” - John A. O’Keefe, Harvard-educated astrophysicist of NASA

“Most scientists speculated that the deeper they delved into the cell, the more simplicitythey would find. But the opposite happened.” - Michael Behe, biochemist

So many of the brightest men in this world saw a need for a creator to explain the utter complexity of life and our ecosystem. A beautiful and complex system of matter made only by God....

If the beauty of the world won't captivate people and question them to believe what will? Let's teach our children to believe..... and thus give them a hope


  1. I remember that piece from Isaac Newton... it's in the World Lit book I teach from. :) Even the Bible tells us that we will never obtain complete scientific proof od God's existence. (If memory serves, it's in Hebrews, maybe chapter 11.)

  2. Very insightful. Will you get to talk with Quincy more?