Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Longing for something

So I didn't know what to write about tonight because frankly my thoughts have been everywhere today... so instead of trying to put all of those thoughts into something that is even meaningful...I like to share a photo with you

just the other day i can across this image.....

There is something so beautiful about this painting..... oddly enough i remember that my grandmother had a print of this hanging on her wall for many years. Just looking at it shows such longing... a desire to be somewhere where one isn't at that moment...a hope.

The name of this painting is called "Christina's World". It was painted by Andrew Wyeth. The woman suffered from polio and her only means of getting around was my crawling due to the inability to use her legs. Beyond this i know nothing of Christina. Perhaps for christina her greatest desire was to walk. What is your greatest desire? To see the world? or perhaps get married and have children? To graduate from college and find a job that you can be passionate about? or maybe you wish for the opposite to never have to work a day in your life? Maybe you just desire to be loved and to love someone? Just think about it what do you TRUELY desire. Often what we desire most we surrender all our time to... what is consuming your time? Is it really worth it? 

"If I had a thousand souls, if they were worth anything, I would give them all to God: but I have nothing to give, when all is done. It is impossible for any rational creature to be happy without acting all for God. God himself could not make me happy any other way. I long to be in heaven, praising and glorifying God... There is nothing in the world worth living for, but doing good, and finishing God's work, doing the work that Christ did. I see nothing else in the world that can yield any satisfaction, besides living to God, pleasing him, and doing his whole will." 
Johnathan Edwards from "True Saints, when Absent from the Body, Are Present with the Lord" 

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