Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Differential Analysis Anyone?

Tonight i am feeling especially uncomfortable... I could just be the fact that although the sun is nowhere in sight due to the fact that it is nearly 9pm... I still stagnant in my room. It seems as though a haze of heat has encompassed my room although upon walking outside there is a slight breeze. I'm under the impression that this is my dungeon of torture as i sit here and study for a midterm in my chemical reactor class that i have on saturday morning. I don't know what is more disappointing the fact that my exam is on saturday or the fact that i have no idea what i'm doing in the class. the little motivation that i have is only due to the fact that beyond studying there is essentially nothing to do except blog which is what i'm doing right now simply so that i stop getting distracted and get back on task of learning more about the analysis of chemical reaction rate data in terms of differential analysis..O BOY, i can hardly contain my excitement. I've heard that this class is in many ways the pinnacle of my core curriculum. I'm under the impression now that this is entirely untrue. It seems very lame to me that i'm expected to do all this differential analysis when in fact in the real world experimental trials are actually the true basis of design. On a good note, all this talking about this has encouraged me to know that perhaps i do more about what i'm learning then i had otherwise guessed. guess that means that this much needed break is warranted.....so in order to not continue rambling about this class i move on to something much more interesting....
how about i give you a different kind of differential analysis. a differential analysis of my life here in singapore. The term differential refers to a form of change for all you people out there that may be lost or at least never taken calculus before. SO with that being said how has my life changed since deplaning on the red speck according to the world map. Well frankly not much. The monotony of going to class is still the same as it was at iowa state, eating still often feels more like a chore in between studying and going here and there(blame it on the nasty dorm food), iowa state still continues to send me pointless emails( which are even more pointless now seeing as how i'm half way across the world), and a good latte still cost 4 dollars. Some things have change though... like the fact that instead of dreading waking each morning to enter into a wintery mix while heading to the bus stop, i now walk comfortably in shorts and sandals to my class unless of course it was unfortunately raining that day. Beyond that a four dollar latte is all the more enjoyable due to the fact that i can't just casually stroll to the nearest cafe to obtain it like i could on the iowa state campus. Instead a feeling of jubilation occurs when i think about having the time to walk to the nice cafe to drink a cup and study or read my Bible, the latter option being far more enjoyable and often the highlight of the day. The only thing that would make those days all the better would be if my study buddy miss valerie allen or any of my iowa roommates could join me in this act of celebration. Reflecting now. it seems that the amount of change that has occurred is ever so slight. Perhaps each day really is just a repetition of something very similar the day or year before. As i sit here i'm reminded of what is felt like to being living in the dorms in ames on a school night. It really is one of those nights... one of those nights where you wish that your roommate would put down her studying and just chat with you or do something even more adventurous like make a mario cart movie in the hallway or funny faces using photobooth on your macbook. But tonight the idea of this is even comical considering as i walk down a hallway all that can be heard is the beeping noise of the laundry machine, the typing of a girl working on some sort of paper, and beyond that perhaps the fate sounds of music that people listen to as they study for midterms. Occasionally there is a laugh or a scream or even the sound of the band on an evening but in general the dorm and campus is quiet... that is until the library closes.

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  1. I miss my study buddy!
    And.....mario kart movies.....